Parmanu. Real Name: Inspector Vinay. Identity/Class: Unknown. Occupation: Police Inspector. Affiliations: First Appearance: Aag # (Raj Comics, ). 27 Nov Parmanu. Issue No. Comic’s Name. SPCL REVOLVER GENL PARMANU GENL AAG GENL BULLET PROOF. The ideas of most of the Raj Comics are some or the other way inspired from Marvel Parmanu: He is loosely inspired from Atom since his powers are derived.

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Vinay wore the specially created suit and became Wonderman Parmanu.

He parmanu comics fire atomic bolts from his chest. Because you’re new to wiki editing, we sent your submission off to parmanu comics moderators to check it over.

Parmanu receives back up from Probot, a robot who keeps an eye on Delhi with the help parmanu comics his parmanuu, which he has fitted in numerous locations around the city. Atomic rays come out of his wrist devices and chest. Tweet Remove Format Clean.

We’ll send an email when it is. Powers and abilities of Parmanu.

The special costume parmanu comics Parmanu provides various tremendous powers like flying, shrinking, teleportation etc. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

They can fire atomic rays parnanu his wrist and chest and his belt contains various devices. Parmanu is of the most popular superheroes in Raj Comics universe and parmanu comics published in both Hindi and English.

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Thereafter, he avenged his parmanu comics by killing the head of police. Vinay saw parmwnu group of criminals kill his classmate when he was in high school.

Eventually the killer, later revealed to be the Chief of Parmanu comics, tried to terminate Vinay, his maternal Uncle, Professor KK, rescued him and kept him in the protection of his lab.

Parmanu Raj Comics All Comics List

parmanu comics Because you’re new to wiki editing, we sent your submission off to our moderators to check it over. A monster parmanu comics Bufalo, attacked the lab and a long fight ensued between Parmanu and Bufalo. Moreover parmanu comics gadget on his comlcs reels out atomic comlcs. Once you’ve earned over points you’ll be able to bypass this step and make live edits to our system. Make sure this is what you intended. Parmanu appears in issues View all.

Until then, gain points by continuing to edit pages.

Parmanu Raj Comics All Comics List

He can fly clmics to speed of sound with ease and can go beyond it. His belt contains many gadgets which help parmanu comics to teleport, atomize, and reduce his size to any desired level. Tweet Remove Format Clean. He found the murder weapon, a revolver, and discovered that the killer was the head of police himself.

This article needs additional parmanu comics for verification.

Parmanu (Volume) – Comic Vine

Probot, a robot that makes use parmanu comics surveillance cameras to monitor every part of the city provides back up to Parmanu. Parmanu comics you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users.

Origin In parmanu comics teenage years as a high school student, Vinay witnessed some criminals murdering his classmate.

Float Left Float Right. Only his brother Vijay and his uncle Prof KK survived the ordeal and ended up being the vital support of Parmanu. Costume provides several atomic-based powers, parmanu comics atomic rays, teleportation, and parmanu comics coics. He can fire atomic rays from his wrist and chest and his belt contains various gadgets.

This page was last edited on 27 Mayat His parmanu comics revealed a comicz to Vinay that they had created a suit that enhances the strength and stamina and contains superpowers.